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    We Love to Party

    The Secret Recipe for a Memorable First Birthday Party

    The Secret Recipe for a Memorable First Birthday Party

    As a mom myself, I know all that goes into my babe’s birthday party can sometimes be overwhelming - both for my stress level and my budget.  It’s easy to get caught up in all the details.  But over the years, I have found what is most important is honoring the milestone of a special birthday and celebrating with the family and friends who mean the most.  


    You can have a spectacular event with gorgeous decor and not break the bank!


    To make it easy to remember, I did a play on the traditional KISS (Keep It Simple, Sweetie) we have all come to know.  Key elements for your little one’s birthday event can be summed up in the acronym B.A.S.H. -


    Balloons -  I think for me, balloons have become synonymous with celebrations and special events.  These are like THE party necessity, don’t ya think? Give me some balloons and it’s a party!  Sweet Chubby Cheeks is thrilled to offer reusable, air-inflated word and number balloons which can be used to personalize the event, create the festive mood, and be great colorful decorations.  My favorite for this season is our Donut Grow Up set seen here. Isn't this the cutest?! 


    A special cake topper - Cause it’s all about that cake!  I carry a variety of cake toppers to match your theme, or choose a simple number in your favorite color to glam up the cake. You can even customize a topper with her name! Hint: these look super cute in donuts, too! 


    Sprinkles of confetti - Confetti is one of those inexpensive party tricks that adds a little fun, sparkle, and unexpectedness. Metallics, vellums, and paper can add different colors and textures, and don’t forget varying shapes and sizes for visual interest.  These are found in a variety of colors for any party theme.  Set the tone of the event by including some in the invite envelopes, sprinkle onto the tabletops and around displays to add that fun, festive touch.


    High chair banner -  Your child is the guest of honor and should have a special seat during the event. Our high chair banners are the perfect fix! The best part is - they don't get cropped out of those priceless cake smash photos.  I love how the colors of the garland can be altered to match any party theme, too.


    Allow the focus of her birthday to be on the good stuff - your sweet babe, the company, the cake, and the conversation.

    So there you have it!  I would love to see how you have utilized some of your best decorating ideas along with your Sweet Chubby Cheeks party decor in your celebrations.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram @sweetchubbycheeks and tag me in your best birthday photos! 


    Simple Ideas for Choosing a Spectacular First Birthday Theme

    Simple Ideas for Choosing a Spectacular First Birthday Theme

    Simple Ideas for a Choosing a Spectacular First Birthday Theme


    It’s time for planning the first birthday!  Your family has a whole lot to celebrate from first teeth, first words, first steps, and other milestones.  But where do you even begin to choose a theme when Pinterest is filled with so many cute things?!


    Girrrlll, you know I’ve gotcha covered on this one!  


    Being a momma myself I have only planned two first birthdays, but as the owner of Sweet Chubby Cheeks since 2012 I have helped thousands of other women in your shoes and I am sharing my best tips with you today.


    Interests - (ha ha) Okay, so I know you are thinking, but Megs, my daughter is in love with the box her toy came from, instead of the actual toy. I totes get it. But maybe she has a favorite stuffed lovie, or a favorite book she loves to have you read over and over (and OVER!).  As she is transitioning in to solid foods, maybe there is a food she is really starting to dig on that you could plan a theme around. I mean, let’s be honest here, if it was up to me every one of my own birthday parties would involve me just grubbing on pizza, wearing sweat pants, and watching my fave Netflix show, so... 


    Take a Nod from Your Nursery Decor - Let’s face it, your nursery decor is On. Point. Why not continue to run with it for a first birthday theme?  And the pictures from her first birthday would continue to look amazing hanging on the gallery wall in her room.   

    Twinkle Twinkle with glittering stars, beautiful soft watercolor floral prints, or magical unicorns are popular nursery themes now, and might be first birthday themes worth considering.  

    Puns are Fun - you may or may not have picked up on the fact that I can be a little light hearted and corny from time to time, and who doesn’t love a good pun?   

    For babies with winter birthdays consider a Snow Much Fun to be One or Winter Onederland theme both with pale pink and lavender options complemented with glittery silver and white.  Pair this with snowflake cupcake toppers and you’ve got yourself a theme!

    Wild One looks amazing with leaves and a more boho feel that is so on-trend right now.  We have paired ours with a coral, mint, and gold colorway option, but custom colors can be made upon request.  

    Twotti Fruity is a fun idea for celebrating a second birthday or twins - because they are double the fun and twice as nice! See what I did there? 😉  


    Momma, your baby is amazing. And you know what?  It means her first birthday will be too.  You will do an incredible job with her party.  She will look the bomb-dot-com with her outfit and party decor from Sweet Chubby Cheeks, your family and friends will all be there surrounding you with love, and it will be perfect no matter what.

    Pick a theme, cross this off your to-do list, and go plan something fun!! Like, say, um…cake tastings?!

    Our Favorite Party Themes for Summer Birthdays

    Our Favorite Party Themes for Summer Birthdays

    Need some inspiration for your little one’s summer birthday party? Look no further! We pulled together a list of our top 4 party themes for summer time.


    Mermaids – You can’t go wrong with this classic theme. Chose the classic purple and aqua color scheme, or mix it up with some pinks and coral. Either way your little mermaid will love her party! I’m a fan of the lavender and aqua, and you can’t go wrong with this classic tutu set of ours!


    And can we talk about this mermaid tail hat!?! So cute!


    Grab a set of cupcake toppers and complete the look with a bundle of our best selling confetti balloons. Your dessert table will thank you for this little sprinkle of confetti to match!






    Twotti-Fruity – This theme just screams summer! Watermelons, pineapples, and these sweet fruits are the perfect way to celebrate. We’ve got balloons, banners, and birthday outfits galore for this theme!

    Check out this darling layered banner by Meri Meri that we carry. It’s the perfect size for hanging above a table at the party!


    Ice Cream – I scream, You scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream! That’s actually quite a bit of yelling, but this theme is too delicious to stay quiet. Get your guests ready by sending out this invitation and set the scene for a fun party. Our sprinkle balloons are a best seller and make the perfect backdrop behind the birthday girl as she opens gifts!


    Unicorn – You will never regret throwing a unicorn themed birthday party, TRUST ME! This was the theme I chose for my daughter’s party and it was magical. Make it simple and download our party printables here. Then inflate a few balloons like our unicorn and rainbow jumbo balloons here, and let the party begin!

    Send the guests home with a mini unicorn piñata of their very own. For under $5 these little cuties practically steal the show and keep your little ones’ friends entertained the whole party!


    No matter what theme you choose, you can find the cutest matching decorations in our shop. Happy Planning!