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    We Love to Party — balloon garland tutorial

    Balloon Garland Step by Step Tutorial

    Balloon Garland Step by Step Tutorial

    If you follow along in my Instagram stories you probably saw my tutorial on how to make these gorgeous balloon garlands. If you missed it Don't Worry! I saved the photos and I'm showing you how to do it today. The best part? The whole thing only took me about 45 minutes!


    • 36 balloons in various colors (Shop our balloon collection here!)

    • clear fishing wire about 3 feet longer than your hanging area

    • 1 regular sewing needle

    • Tape, tacks, or Command strips to hang the garland with


    Step One: Prep

    • Blow up balloons to various sizes. I like to do 3 sizes - big, little, medium.
      • Side note: This is my least favorite thing to do. I don't mind blowing them up, but tying them off makes me so nervous! I have some sort of irrational fear of pinching my finger off when tying balloons, so needless to say this job was left to my husband! ;) 
    • Cut a length of fishing wire to fit your space + 3 feet. You'll want a bit of extra just in case the balloons need to shift as you're hanging them.
    • Tie a knot at one end of the fishing wire and tape it down to a stable surface. This will be the bottom of your garland.
    balloon garland tutorial by sweet chubby cheeks step 1

    Step Two: String

    • Using a regular sewing needle, pierce the balloon end and slide the balloons one by one along the wire.
    • Vary your balloon sizes and colors as desired. 
    balloon garland tutorial by sweet chubby cheeks step 2

    Step Three: Repeat Repeat Repeat

    • Just keep stringing, stringing, stringing! Slide the balloons down and push them together as close as you'd like. I love the look of the super full garland, so I pushed them really close and wiggled them around so they all faced outwards
    balloon garland tutorial by sweet chubby cheeks step 3

    Step Four: Hang

    • Pick a spot on the wall to start. I started from the bottom of the window sill and planned to arch it up and over the window about 3/4 of the way across it.
    • Tape down the wire (or use tacks/command strips/hooks) at numerous spots along the path
    • As you tape down sections move the balloons around so they're facing outwards and are spaced close together.
    balloon garland tutorial by sweet chubby cheeks step 4

    Step Five: Party!

    • Stand back and admire your hard work.
    • Optional - take 15 million pictures and share them in your Instagram stories because you're so thrilled with how easy it was!
    balloon garland tutorial by sweet chubby cheeks step 5

    I hope you loved the tutorial. From start to finish this project only took me about 45 minutes. And one more side note - I did the whole thing the night before my daughter's birthday party at about 10pm. You can totally do this too, my fellow last minute Momma!

    Happy Decorating!


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