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    We Love to Party

    How to Make a Greenery Covered Embroidery Hoop in 20 Minutes with 5 Easy Steps

    How to Make a Greenery Covered Embroidery Hoop in 20 Minutes with 5 Easy Steps

     I’m in love with eucalyptus and I’m not afraid to admit it. You’ve seen the greenery trend all over weddings and home décor, but today I’m showing you how to incorporate it into a birthday party. The inspiration behind these fun greenery covered hoops came from a family member who had ideas of a eucalyptus birthday for her one year old but couldn’t find the right accessories and décor to match her vision. One quick trip to Michaels and a few hours later I had these 5 hoops done and the party was half way decorated! Read on for the easy to follow tutorial and photos.


    Step One:

    • Assemble your supplies. You’ll need embroidery hoops (I bought these from Amazon), fake greenery (bought mine from Michaels), sharp scissors, floral tape, and a hot glue gun.

     supplies for greenery covered embroidery hoops tutorial blog post by sweet chubby cheeks

    Step Two:

    • Separate the greenery from the stems. You may need to cut them if they don’t pull off easily.

     eucalyptus wreath tutorial by sweet chubby cheeks

    Step Three:

    • Repeat until all the leaves are in a pile.

    pile of leaves for greenery hoop tutorial by sweet chubby cheeks

    Step Four:

    • Arrange your greenery using varying sizes and types of leaves being sure to cover up the metal piece on the side of the hoop

     eucalyptus and greenery wreath tutorial by sweet chubby cheeks

    Step Five:

    • Using a combination of the tape and hot glue, secure the greens to the hoop in the design you decided on in the last step

     covering the hoop with leaves for tutorial by sweet chubby cheeksback of the hoop covered in leaves for tutorial by sweet chubby cheeks

    Tada! Here's all 5 of my completed hoops.


    all 5 finished hoops from eucalyptus wreath tutorial by sweet chubby cheeks

    To hang:

    • I wanted these hoops to appear to be floating, so I used fishing wire and simply threaded the wire through the top blind then tied it in a knot around the hoop. You can also use twine for an even more dramatic look!

    embroidery hoops with fake leaves for tutorial by sweet chubby cheeks


    eucalyptus first birthday party ideas blog post by sweet chubby cheeks


    I think the final result was fantastic, and my friend was so happy with the entire look for her daughter's eucalyptus first birthday party. You can read more about it and see more photos in the blog post here.

    Happy Making!


    A Modern Greenery & Eucalyptus Birthday Party

    A Modern Greenery & Eucalyptus Birthday Party

    To say I’m in love with this minimalist, greenery birthday party doesn’t even come close to capturing how I feel about it. I’m, like, obsessed with how cute this theme is and I cannot wait to spam you with all the sweet photos of Peyton’s First Birthday!

    Peyton’s Mom came to me frustrated at the lack of decorations she could find for her daughter’s first birthday. She wanted a certain look with crisp white, silver, and green eucalyptus and could see it in her mind but wasn’t able to find it at a store. That’s where I stepped in! If you’ve ever worked with me before you know that’s my specialty! Handmade, one of a kind products that you can’t find anywhere else? Now that’s my cup of tea. 

    After we sent a few ideas back and forth and pictures of the event space, I knew 2 things were for sure happening. #1. I was putting up a giant balloon garland, and #2 I was making these greenery covered embroidery hoops to hang by the window. (If DIYing is your kind of thing head over to the blog post linked here to get a step by step tutorial on making the hoops, and the blog post here for a tutorial on the balloon garland!)

    eucalyptus and greenery birthday party by sweet chubby cheeks

    At the heart of this theme was eucalyptus, but she took it a step further in the invitations, cupcake toppers, and décor with more beautiful greenery. The table was lined with this gorgeous eucalyptus strand she picked up at Hobby Lobby, and the felt letter board hung out in the corner of the table. After we snapped a few photos this table became appetizer central and the backdrop of greenery hoops and balloon garland made it the perfect centerpiece of the party. You all know I’m a firm believer in just decorating one area of the party and this one was no different.

     greenery covered embroidery hoops hanging from window behind dessert table blog post by sweet chubby cheeks

    greenery wreath or eucalyptus wreath cupcake toppers for first birthday by June and Dot

    letter board for happy birthday peyton sign at birthday party for girls first birthday blog post by sweet chubby cheeks

    For Peyton’s cake smash at her high chair I made a garland of eucalyptus stems to hang from the front, and then layered it with our cardstock ONE banner. Look at that color combo with the wood highchair! It was exactly what Mom had in mind.

    greenery first birthday or eucalyptus first birthday high chair banner ideas by sweet chubby cheeks

    A few days after the party we hung them up and did a fun one year old photo session with another cake smash. It turned out pretty cute, too! Here are some of my favorite photos from the day.

     modern minimalist first birthday photo session with banner by sweet chubby cheeks

    eucalyptus wreath by which goose for eucalyptus photo session of first birthday girl by sweet chubby cheeks

    The darling eucalyptus crown she’s wearing is from Which Goose on Etsy. You can shop it here. (affiliate link)

    silver one letter balloon set for a first birthday cake smash in wood highchair. blog post by sweet chubby cheeks

    Our silver ONE balloon set was hung on the wall behind the high chair and added the perfect amount of color to the photos.

    first birthday cake smash photo session for a minimalist eucalyptus birthday party theme by sweet chubby cheeks

    Check out that little spoon – Peyton wouldn’t dive in with her hands but once we gave her the spoon she was all about that cake!

     eucalyptus first birthday party ideas for girls by sweet chubby cheeks

    I hope you all loved the eucalyptus theme and found some good inspiration for your next party. Join our mailing list so you’ll be the first to know when a fun new blog post goes live!


    Xoxo, Megan


    A Healthy Cake Smash Recipe for Baby's First Birthday!

    A Healthy Cake Smash Recipe for Baby's First Birthday!

    If you’re in the market for a healthy smash cake for your little one, I’ve got just the recipe for you!

    When I’m baking for myself you know I’m using #allthesugar and not skimping on the butter, but for my little ones I am much more health conscious. When my sister whipped up this awesome healthy smash cake for my nephew’s cake smash session I was so impressed! Be sure and scroll down for photos from his photo shoot. It was so much fun! The best part was grabbing a fork and helping him finish up the leftovers. Enjoy the recipe!


    healthy cake smash recipe for baby's first birthday by sweet chubby cheeks



    • 4 very ripe bananas
    • 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
    • 1/4 cup plain green yogurt
    • 1 egg
    • 1 teaspoon aluminum free baking soda
    • 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
    • 2 tsp real vanilla extract
    • 1 tsp cinnamon



    • 1.5 cups plain Greek yogurt. (the thicker the better. I like Fage or Greek God)
    • 1/2 cup cream cheese
    • sprinkle of cinnamon
    • Fresh fruit (optional)

    healthy cake for smash cake photo session by sweet chubby cheeks


    1. Mash bananas, applesauce, yogurt, egg, and vanilla in medium mixing bowl

    2. In separate bowl combine baking soda, flour, and cinnamon

    3. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients until just mixed

    4. Pour evenly into three 5" round cake pans, or two 8" round cake pans. 

    5. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 35-40 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean

    6. Let cool completely

    7. Whip frosting ingredients (greek yogurt, cream cheese, and cinnamon) together until smooth and thick

    8. Stack cakes on top of each other with small layer of frosting between layers. Frost the top and sides of the finished cake with the remaining frosting. Pro Tip: Always frost a completely cooled cake!

    9. Optional - top with baby's favorite fresh fruit in center of cake for a delicious decoration or grab one of our most popular cake toppers sold right here in the shop!

    And here's a look at the final product! Don't you just love those sweet little frosting covered baby toes?!

    smash cake recipe for first birthday photos by sweet chubby cheeks

    first birthday cake smash session by sweet chubby cheekshealthy cake recipe for baby's first birthday cake smash photo session by sweet chubby cheeks


    Bye for now!

    - Megan

    6 Items you Need to Host the Purr-fect Cat Themed Birthday Party!

    6 Items you Need to Host the Purr-fect Cat Themed Birthday Party!

    Are you kitten me right meow?! The cat themed birthday party has me as smitten as a kitten wearing mittens, and I'm bringing you a list of my favorite items to help you host the most Purr-fect event! (Also, if those puns made you smile even just a little then we're practically best friends and soul mates and we need to compare cat lady status. Come hang out with me on Instagram - it'll be PAWsome!)

    So you're planning a kitty themed party and need some tips? You came to the right place! Here's my list of Must-Haves.

    1. The Invitation. You better get this party started out on the right foot (paw?) with an adorable invitation that tells your guests exactly what to expect. Check out our instant download invitation here where you can edit and customize your details right in your web browser and print them straight from home!

    cat party invitation by sweet chubby cheeks

    2. The Balloons. No party is complete without balloons, and this MEOW set in gold is the perfect size for behind the dessert table! The best part is no helium is required, so you can inflate these with air and have them hung up in under 5 minutes. Can I get an Amen for speedy decorating!?

    3. The Table Flair. Speaking of speedy decorating, our handmade tissue paper tassel garlands are the perfect addition to a blank wall or to cascade from the table and they come strung and ready for you to hang up! I'm in love with our pink, white, and black polkadot set shown here.

    4. The Outfit. I mean, you could put her in a cat lady sweater with a giant embroidered calico cat across the front...or you could opt for our classic black tutu and leotard and let her live out her kitty cat dreams in style! I'm going to do you a solid and suggest the latter.

    5. The Cake Topper. Momma, if there is one thing I will not stand for it is a boring cake. Get some sprinkles! A Candle! Throw a Beanie Baby on there for all I care! Just remember to give that cake a little something extra. Our handmade personalized name toppers did the trick for Kailea's cake, and they come in 12 colors so she can choose her favorite.

    6. The Party Game & Favor. What is a cat party without the cats?! This quick and easy party favor is one of my favorites. Forget the bag of random goodies, and grab each guest a stuffed animal. Set up a little Cat Adoption station on a side table for the guests to fill out their certificates and choose a new purrfect friend. You can download and print the adoption sign and certificates from our shop right here!

    cat or kitten party adoption sign and certificate by sweet chubby cheeks

    I'm wishing you a fun filled party, and hoping you can get a little cat-nap in after everyone's gone home! Happy partying!!


    Krispy Treat Star Wands - Recipe and Step by Step directions

    Krispy Treat Star Wands - Recipe and Step by Step directions

    Need a quick but pretty dessert for your party? Try these star wands and get your little one in on the messy fun!


    For the most part we’re a pretty clean-eating family, but for parties I usually go all out and reach straight for the sugar! If you follow along on my Instagram Stories you know I keep a well-stocked, secret stash of chocolates at the back of my pantry that is strictly for me. It’s totally filled with leftover Halloween candy from like 3 years ago, but you better believe the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups get eaten first. 😉

    I put together a fun recipe for rice krispy star wands that I hope you enjoy! This is my favorite type of recipe since I can get the kiddo’s in on the decorating and it keeps them entertained while I finish up the rest of the party decorating. I hope you love them!



    • 1 bag of white chocolate chips (8oz)
    • 3 tablespoons butter
    • 1 10oz bag of marshmallows
    • 6 cups Rice cereal
    • Sprinkles of your choice (Whatever you have on hand works great! I sometimes try to go with the party theme colors)
    • 8" white candy sticks (I buy these here)



    • In large saucepan melt the butter over low heat. Add all the marshmallows and stir it around until they’re all melty and gooey. Remove the saucepan from heat.
    • Add the 6 cups of cereal and stir until well coated
    • Pour the mixture into a well greased 9x13x2 dish
    • Using a spatula, wax paper, or plastic knife press the mixture into the dish until it is firmly packed. And when I say firmly, I mean FIRMLY! In order for these to stay on the sticks you’re going to want these to be nice and compacted.
    • Let them cool in the 9x13 pan, then use a star shaped cookie cutter to cut out the star shapes. I like a 4" size, but use whatever makes you happy!
    • While they're cooling down pour the bag of chocolate chips into a microwave safe dish and slowly microwave until melted. I do 20 second intervals for about 2 minutes, stirring them in between. 
    • Place the shapes onto a wire rack and drizzle melted chocolate chips over the top
    • Immediately sprinkle with sprinkles so they stick in the melty chocolate before it hardens
    • Let chocolate completely dry and harden, then poke the stars onto the candy sticks.
    • Stand them up in a jar, or place them on a pretty plate atop the dessert table!


    Get creative and use different shapes for different themes – imagine a cute dinosaur or even your child’s name! Either way, have fun. And definitely save an extra or two for yourself to enjoy after the crowd leaves and you can unwind after the party!


    Photography credit: Noelle @ThePenandPiper